31 Oct 2012

Finally it has arrived !!

Finally, the thing I have ordered online last month has arrived to my doorstep.
Although I'm not personally received it, it was the same to me nonetheless. 

Thanks to M to collect on my behalf !!

[The envelope contained items that I bought online last month]

Do you all can guess what I buy online?
I bought when the writer said there was a discount to the first 100 buyers who ordered.

[The bill that I paid: $18.70]

Ta-ta ... This is it !! ~ _~

When I flipped the cover of the book, I saw this message on the white page.

[Jacky Chua's thank you message]

Just in case, no one knows Jacky Chua. 

Here is his Facebook profile: 

and his official Facebook page:

If you like to read books written from Singapore writers, this might be the most suitable book for you. Here is the website that you might like to order online: http://tameyouremotions.com/

"The world is a tragedy to those who feel,
but a comedy to those who think."

This phrase is captured when I ordered this book. Though, I have not started to read the book yet. And if I have finished reading the book and understood its content, I might be likely to make a review about this book in the next blog entry.

Good night !!

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