3 Oct 2012

PIONEER magazine

Suddenly, I have this desire to share with all of U about my monthly collection

This monthly collection has started since I entered into army for National Service (NS) at September 15, 2006. For the guys who served NS before, you must have experience to have 5% of your NS salary been deducted for this as SAF likes to force us to buy something we don't have the need on - exclude the insurance and other stuff.

Yes, some of you may have guess it right !!

The answer is:
The PIONEER Magazine (Monthly issue)
[lol, the title said it all - why bother the guessing??]
Chinese version of the magazine

Reason for doing the intro [guessing]
At first, I had this same opinion as my mother had said when I first enlisted into the unit: 3AMB (3rd Army Maintenance Base). My position was a QM Clerk of a logistics branch - doing all the admin stuff related to logistics and my 2nd position was to handle all the ration documents and delivering ration to other branches or other maintenance bases. Throughout the hands-on practical that I learnt from the auntie and uncle of cookhouse, I then had that feeling to know more about army. Therefore, I faxed over to MINDEF to request for the Chinese version of the issue, so that I can share with M easily.

Anyway, back to the topic :-P

The magazine was issued on every 1st day of each month. I received it yesterday even though the magazine on each page note indicated Oct 1st - LOL !! For this month's issue, it contains content about the latest updates happening in army: such as training, new vehicles / weapons and etc. Plus, it also contain news that are external, such as: their own TV updates, role model of the month, health, monthly female soldier cover & interview and etc ...

Here's an app that you can download the monthly issue for free - plus it has some basic animation and video attached with it to make reading more lively :-D

One of the page that I took from the magazine

Here's how it looks like in an app !!
I downloaded it using my new IPad and took a picture with my hand-phone.

PIONEER magazine app
Do try out the app and see what's going on in today's SAF !!
PS: People who haven't served NS before, you must definitely see it yourself !!

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