25 Oct 2012

[My SP Friends] Kenneth TooHappy

When I was attending a tutorial lesson in one of the classroom this morning, I encountered this very interesting pictures - that attracted me wanting to take a snap shot with my mobile.

[the 1st paper at the top of the board is the one that I'm going to talk about]

That paper is on the board since August 2011. I recalled that I was a member of DMIT STARS to participate to help out an event "Meet-the-parents" session. When I was teamed up with other STARS members, I saw this picture before in the classroom during the preparation. 

[looks like no cleaner went and threw away the papers :-P]

Anyway, if you can't see the picture clearly, here is the much bigger screen-shot that I "borrowed" from my friend: Kenneth. [LOL: his name is the title of this blog entry !!]

For all of the readers here who don't know about Kenneth, he is my good friend in terms of academic studies and favorite team-mates. The first time that I met him was when I was holding a sharing session regarding my experience about doing the Social Media Marketing Project on Lavida Florist at 14 September 2011. 

[currently the official website has been taken down due to expired domain, but the facebook page is still there ~ it is a local online florist]

[Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LavidaFlorist]

For now, he is in my special interest group in SP: "Social Media Angels". He is appointed as the community member of the group to take in-charge of the logistics department.

The logo that Kenneth's friend designed for the group.
Her name is SH How !!

I am not in the same class with him, so the information about him is that he's very cheerful with positive attitudes and he likes to help people who are in difficult situation. :-)

If you want to know more about him, add him in Facebook: 

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