10 Oct 2012

Social Innovation Project

This is another episode of my sharing session about DBIT modules that I learnt from now on, because I received many good feedback on the previous post that I made.

Here is the post link if you have not read yet.

The definition of social innovation project (SIP) to put on simple term:
To use an innovative idea generated from design thinking system,
to come out ideas to solve clients' objectives in a project.

What I know from my social innovation project last semester was focus on:


which also means to generate an idea to solve a problem to this group of audience:
people who are aged 50 years old and, or above !!

My Group Members
Wearing the red shirt -> me
The only girl in class -> Amelia
The oldest student who always wear white army t-shirt in class -> Jason
The one who always M.I.A on almost every lesson -> Lokman
The most "attentive" and innocent student -> Leslie

Taken using my new iPad in the last lesson
In order to show all of you what we did in this project, I decided to conclude all lessons we learnt and turned them into a video - just like what I did for the Entrepreneurship blog entry !!

My SIP Journal

I didn't write much in this journal because I was submitting it at the last minute due to the time I was in a gaming competition for NEGC 2012 (Click here to find out more).

I was surprised that I got a grade of "B" for this journal. However, when I saw my 2 team-mates (Leslie [B+] and Jason [C]), I was amazed as they did the writing amount 2 or 3 times more than me. LOL !!

Our presentation to conclude what we learnt and solution to the project statement we defined

Note: The most important tip for this module is the process, contribution to the group and attendance taking - as they were the key factors to decide your final grade of the module (graded by your team-mates).

*PS: the module is only 2 credit points and by far the most easiest module that U can score, - cos you don't have to do exams or tests, although u need to do some silly activities in some lessons. 
~ Imao !! ~

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