27 Oct 2012

Dinner with BB

Today, my 2nd sister (Er Jie) drove us (M, Da Jie and I) to Lot 1, along side with my 2nd nephew, BB. This is way of a sudden approach, cos I think it is because my brother-in-law (Daniel) have went overseas for work. Maybe that's the reason why Er Jie had this "free" time to ask us out for dinner to strengthen the bonding with us bah !!

Anyway, the restaurant we went in was: Sakae Sushi.

[official website: http://www.sakaesushi.com.sg]

My dinner of the night !! :-P

I don't know what to chose from the given menu, so I selected this set instead. Cos it's too late of a timing to consume a large portion of the set. [normally, this is for children. Eating this have liven up to my childhood days ~ haha !!]

As for the next dish, this is BB's chosen dish !!

Maybe, BB liked the shape of the dish (plane-shaped). LOL !!

I took this picture as this is my favorite out of all the dishes displayed on the table. :-D

I didn't take the shots for the rest of the dishes becos either some were far away from me or the rest of my family members already started to dine in. :-(

Here is the shot that I took for M, while she was happily eating her chawanmushi.

The toys on the table are belonged to BB. Becos he likes to playing his toys while having the dinner (both at home or outside).

After taking a shot on M, I also took myself a picture.

I shouldn't have take this picture becos there were a lot of "wrong" spots on it.

After we had our dinner, we were supposed to wait Er Jie outside of the restaurant while she was queuing to pay the bill. While waiting for her, BB approached a machine and tossed a $1 coin (Da Jie gave de) to play the game.

Er Jie passed me the discount voucher as she was not often to patronize the shop.

After that, we went to the popular bookstore whereby Er Jie bought some educational materials for BB. Before we went home, we bought some yogurt at Frolick stall. That was the time that I got to enjoy fun with BB ~ cos we exchanged feeding the spoon together and made a lot of noises and laughter. I was having too much fun with him, that I forgot to take a shot of his natural smile and laughter. :-P  

At that very moment in the bookstore, I triggered by my childhood memories. 

Back then, before I entered my primary school, I always like to persuade my mother (M) to buy things I like or things that I'm interested on. M was spoiled on me that time, cos I'm her precious-only son in the family. Thus, this made it an habit for me and M was regret on her decision - becos my studies was unable to catch up with others. Even if, M started to buy me educational materials when I was in primary six, it was all too late. As a result, it consumed M's time and money to "train" me. 

In a latter period, I was then realized of how important that studies was when I entered ITE and national service. After seeing Er Jie trained BB for the past 3 years (ever since he was born), all of the arrangements are already prepared for him. It's not that I'm jealous on him, rather, I felt sad for him. Becos Er Jie only know how to train and force her son not to follow my footsteps ~ maybe that's why she tried to be an educational mother instead of a spoiled mother like M.

But, to my personal opinion, it would be better if Er Jie can set an equal balance of learning and playing for BB. I don't know what will be the consequences in the future for BB lah. If I'm in her son shoe for another 20 years, being forced by my mother to do / learn things arranged and planned.. and there is no space of freedom and express my own opinion, it would become like a bird locked in a steel cage. That kind of being a puppet-feeling is more like a sharp point to your mind.

Anyway, in conclusion, the future might happen in a different way than I think. Cos, the standard of living in Singapore is rapidly-changing and maybe when the times come for BB's generation might become a totally new one.

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