20 Sep 2012

My Personal Winter Fashion

I received an email from nuffang about their event to give all bloggers a chance to go for the free trip to Genting, Malaysia. I was very excited about it, cos I never been to places outside Singapore.

 However, there are some conditions:

Also, you need to register an account with them in order to join this contest to win the free trip. Here is the list of steps that you need to do in order to participate:

I do admit that I don't have any fashion sense for whatever season, because I didn't get to go to other places other than in Singapore. I only been to places such as Sisters' Island, Turtle Island and Sentosa. For countries who have winter season, like Japan and China, I don't have the experience of how it feels like. Therefore, this blog entry is by far the most difficult that I encounter.

Thus, I need to imagine myself to "experience" the coldness of the fun. In order for me to think what is the coolest of a winter fashion looks like on myself. The very first step that I did is to turn on the air-con in my bedroom. Although I set the temperature at 25 degree Celsius, I would still shiver and tremble. 

The air-con is set in a position whereby it is placed beside my table where my laptop is. Even though the distance between me and the machine is only around five rulers long.

Searching through all my clothes in my 2 wardrobes, I don't have any set of clothing that is suitable for winter. So, I took out this long-sleeve shirt with a hood attached with it. Its functionality is to provide me the warm against the coldness of the air-con. LOL !!

Seeing the hood reminds me of the recent PS3 games: The Assassin's Creed III !

Anyway, I put this shirt on as my "jacket" and I took a picture of myself.

In order to see how it looks like in full cover, I took another picture in the kitchen's restroom instead. Because my bedroom don't have a mirror, haha !!

As for my personal opinion about me wearing this shirt and how it relates to my winter fashion, please continue to read as this is not the end yet. If you have read my past blog entry about my digital collage design, you'll know why I choose this style as my personal winter fashion. If you're the new reader, please click the link here.

(PS: most of my blog entries are tend to be long-winded and thanks for reading !!)

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