8 Nov 2012

Forgot to bring house-keys !!

After the event "Domino's Pizza" that I went tonight, it was around 9pm+.

When I reached home, it's already 10pm+.

After trying to open the door, then I realized that I forgot to bring the keys out.

Normally, people don't really matter if their house-keys got bring out or not ~ cos nothing worse will happen to them as there will be some-one helps to open the door for them.

But, for my house "tradition", no one will open it. So, everyone in my family will bring out their indivdual house-key no matter what. Cos, if you're waiting them to open the door, then you'll have to call them through your mobile phone and then they will answer to U..

Actually, when I was in Bus 190, I was already knew that I didn't bring out the keys. However, to think in a positive side that my friend told me in Twitter, I totally forgot about this and forgot to call my family members about it before I reached home tonight.

Here are the tweets that I interacted with my friends earlier today.

Anyway, when I reached home just now, I planned to do a blog entry draft on Domino's Pizza that I went tonight initially  But, I guess the plan had just been delayed since I'm writing this blog entry now. Becos I called to my mother's mobile (around 17 times), she didn't respond at all. Unluckily, I reluctantly to use my iPad to kill the time instead while waiting them to come back to help me opening the door.

So, I took a picture of myself and uploaded to my twitter to show my friend (damn bo liao)
~ LOL ~

While waiting, I also uploaded these 2 keeks.

[Sitting outside my house ~ haizzz !!]

[Domino's Pizza]

To continue from what I left out in the 2nd keek (cos interrupted by the lift sound and it will be weird to talk to iPad when my neighbor came out from the lift and opened the door), I'm supposed to write a blog entry about Domino's Pizza - 4 new products and food tasting review.
[Btw, I pronounce wrongly in the keek: it should be "pizza", not plaza !! xD]

Becos of this small incident that delayed me to write the food review draft blog entry, therefore I think I will write it on tmw night or on Friday night.

Consider this blog entry as a preview for the upcoming blog entry: 

Stay tune and Good night to all :-)
[PS: I'm sorry for not writing a new blog entry since Oct 31 ..]

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