15 Oct 2012

My 1st Day After Holiday

It was raining causally this morning.

I reached SP before 7:30 am becos I got the chance to take free rides from my Dad's lorry due to my scheduled time-table is starting 8 am everyday.
[kind of getting back to my NS daily routine ~ haha]

Today is also the lunar calender of 1st September, Monday. So, I made a tweet regarding about the 911 incidents before I reached SP :-P 

[My 1st tweet in the morning]

For the 1st lesson of the day, it is the module on Independent Study Project and Presentation (ISPP). The lecturer-in-charge, Ms Clarice Sim gave a unique approach to make the class lively.
[such as ice-breaking and etc that you usually can find in your 1st day of school]

Moreover, taking the ice-breaking section as example, she told us to participate in a game - "2 truths 1 lie". The game rule was simple: each of the speaker in the group need to make 3 statements and let each group to ask different questions to find out which statement that the speaker was telling a lie or not. This was like killing 2 birds with 1 stone, becos this let us know what the module is all about and at the same time she got the chance to know each of us through the game.

In the end, my group won with the highest amount of points among the 3 groups. Ms Clarice awarded us the prizes individually :-)

[I took 3 oreo from the box]

After the game, she began to introduce us the module information and told us that we need to prepare a 1 minute of newsflash to the class - starting from next week on-wards.
[consider challenge accepted !!]

30 minutes more to end the lesson, she wanted us to go out of classroom to take 6 random shots to fit in the themes that she gave us.
[as creative as possible]

[Theme: a very relaxing place]

[Theme: a pyramid]

[Theme: something big and pink in color]

[Theme: something that begins with the letter "Z"]

[Theme: a family of animals]

[Theme: durian]
Although my group didn't win from this activity, we enjoyed the fun nonetheless. I think I'm starting to like this module even better and interesting than expected. 

Latter, I found out that I am in different class this semester - becos the timetable is different from my friends. Maybe I failed the business statistics module [cos my math sucks] last semester, so I was forcefully transferred to another class 

[seems to have this kind of experience in one of the dreams I made in holiday]. 
~ OH WELL !! ~

I didn't mentally prepared to be in a different class this time [only mentally prepared for the re-take of STATS module]. Only 3 or 4 of them that I know is in the class [through events, SM Angels Group and entrepreneurship]. People such as Weisheng, Bill and Jason. Well, I think I'll need to know the rest of the classmates from scratch quickly before it gets too awkward as the day goes by.

In the 2nd lesson, it is accounting. The lecturer-in-charge is Mrs Annie Cheung. 

[I will not talk much about this lesson as she is going to start at this coming Friday due to some of us didn't have the textbook]

Before we were going to end class, she gave us this assignment: letter of introduction and goals for the grading to her email. I didn't know what to write for the letter, so I sent her this instead..

So, that's all for my 1st day in school. In conclusion, I hope that I can maintain this kind of mood and energy for this semester and if I'm going to mood-swing again - maybe I might view the previous blog entry to remind myself.

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