31 Oct 2012

Finally it has arrived !!

Finally, the thing I have ordered online last month has arrived to my doorstep.
Although I'm not personally received it, it was the same to me nonetheless. 

Thanks to M to collect on my behalf !!

[The envelope contained items that I bought online last month]

Do you all can guess what I buy online?
I bought when the writer said there was a discount to the first 100 buyers who ordered.

[The bill that I paid: $18.70]

Ta-ta ... This is it !! ~ _~

When I flipped the cover of the book, I saw this message on the white page.

[Jacky Chua's thank you message]

Just in case, no one knows Jacky Chua. 

Here is his Facebook profile: 

and his official Facebook page:

If you like to read books written from Singapore writers, this might be the most suitable book for you. Here is the website that you might like to order online: http://tameyouremotions.com/

"The world is a tragedy to those who feel,
but a comedy to those who think."

This phrase is captured when I ordered this book. Though, I have not started to read the book yet. And if I have finished reading the book and understood its content, I might be likely to make a review about this book in the next blog entry.

Good night !!

27 Oct 2012

Dinner with BB

Today, my 2nd sister (Er Jie) drove us (M, Da Jie and I) to Lot 1, along side with my 2nd nephew, BB. This is way of a sudden approach, cos I think it is because my brother-in-law (Daniel) have went overseas for work. Maybe that's the reason why Er Jie had this "free" time to ask us out for dinner to strengthen the bonding with us bah !!

Anyway, the restaurant we went in was: Sakae Sushi.

[official website: http://www.sakaesushi.com.sg]

My dinner of the night !! :-P

I don't know what to chose from the given menu, so I selected this set instead. Cos it's too late of a timing to consume a large portion of the set. [normally, this is for children. Eating this have liven up to my childhood days ~ haha !!]

As for the next dish, this is BB's chosen dish !!

Maybe, BB liked the shape of the dish (plane-shaped). LOL !!

I took this picture as this is my favorite out of all the dishes displayed on the table. :-D

I didn't take the shots for the rest of the dishes becos either some were far away from me or the rest of my family members already started to dine in. :-(

Here is the shot that I took for M, while she was happily eating her chawanmushi.

The toys on the table are belonged to BB. Becos he likes to playing his toys while having the dinner (both at home or outside).

After taking a shot on M, I also took myself a picture.

I shouldn't have take this picture becos there were a lot of "wrong" spots on it.

After we had our dinner, we were supposed to wait Er Jie outside of the restaurant while she was queuing to pay the bill. While waiting for her, BB approached a machine and tossed a $1 coin (Da Jie gave de) to play the game.

Er Jie passed me the discount voucher as she was not often to patronize the shop.

After that, we went to the popular bookstore whereby Er Jie bought some educational materials for BB. Before we went home, we bought some yogurt at Frolick stall. That was the time that I got to enjoy fun with BB ~ cos we exchanged feeding the spoon together and made a lot of noises and laughter. I was having too much fun with him, that I forgot to take a shot of his natural smile and laughter. :-P  

At that very moment in the bookstore, I triggered by my childhood memories. 

Back then, before I entered my primary school, I always like to persuade my mother (M) to buy things I like or things that I'm interested on. M was spoiled on me that time, cos I'm her precious-only son in the family. Thus, this made it an habit for me and M was regret on her decision - becos my studies was unable to catch up with others. Even if, M started to buy me educational materials when I was in primary six, it was all too late. As a result, it consumed M's time and money to "train" me. 

In a latter period, I was then realized of how important that studies was when I entered ITE and national service. After seeing Er Jie trained BB for the past 3 years (ever since he was born), all of the arrangements are already prepared for him. It's not that I'm jealous on him, rather, I felt sad for him. Becos Er Jie only know how to train and force her son not to follow my footsteps ~ maybe that's why she tried to be an educational mother instead of a spoiled mother like M.

But, to my personal opinion, it would be better if Er Jie can set an equal balance of learning and playing for BB. I don't know what will be the consequences in the future for BB lah. If I'm in her son shoe for another 20 years, being forced by my mother to do / learn things arranged and planned.. and there is no space of freedom and express my own opinion, it would become like a bird locked in a steel cage. That kind of being a puppet-feeling is more like a sharp point to your mind.

Anyway, in conclusion, the future might happen in a different way than I think. Cos, the standard of living in Singapore is rapidly-changing and maybe when the times come for BB's generation might become a totally new one.

25 Oct 2012

[My SP Friends] Kenneth TooHappy

When I was attending a tutorial lesson in one of the classroom this morning, I encountered this very interesting pictures - that attracted me wanting to take a snap shot with my mobile.

[the 1st paper at the top of the board is the one that I'm going to talk about]

That paper is on the board since August 2011. I recalled that I was a member of DMIT STARS to participate to help out an event "Meet-the-parents" session. When I was teamed up with other STARS members, I saw this picture before in the classroom during the preparation. 

[looks like no cleaner went and threw away the papers :-P]

Anyway, if you can't see the picture clearly, here is the much bigger screen-shot that I "borrowed" from my friend: Kenneth. [LOL: his name is the title of this blog entry !!]

For all of the readers here who don't know about Kenneth, he is my good friend in terms of academic studies and favorite team-mates. The first time that I met him was when I was holding a sharing session regarding my experience about doing the Social Media Marketing Project on Lavida Florist at 14 September 2011. 

[currently the official website has been taken down due to expired domain, but the facebook page is still there ~ it is a local online florist]

[Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LavidaFlorist]

For now, he is in my special interest group in SP: "Social Media Angels". He is appointed as the community member of the group to take in-charge of the logistics department.

The logo that Kenneth's friend designed for the group.
Her name is SH How !!

I am not in the same class with him, so the information about him is that he's very cheerful with positive attitudes and he likes to help people who are in difficult situation. :-)

If you want to know more about him, add him in Facebook: 

24 Oct 2012


Can you help me / us to do a survey?

It's for my school project and etc....

When people saw or heard the word "survey", they will pretend that they didn't see it or they will find excuses not to do it. This is a major problem that almost every surveyor and marketers hate to do it, but they need to do it no matter what, in order to find certain statistics for their campaign (target audience) to meet their projects' objectives or for the sake of their clients / customers - sometimes to their bosses / team leaders.

But for me, it's just a school assignment. There is no profit gain / money involve for doing the survey. The only benefit that I can get is grading.

Anyway, back to the topic !!

This module is named as Interactive Media Development (IMD for short). I was told by my lecturer to do this project in the group of 2. So, I teamed up with Jason (if you have read my previous blog entry: Social Innovation Project, that is the Jason I'm talking about) to do this assignment together.

Using the design thinking system concept, surveys are part of the project in order to define Persona Development and Customer Journey mapping. Therefore, in order to get a better grade and to absorb good learning experience, it would be better to do it as real-time instead of faking the survey result.

I don't know how are the other lecturers of IMD inform their students. But for mine, she told the class to do weekly activities related to this assignment and submit small presentation to her about our progress for the project.

Last week, the presentation was about website goals & objectives; company background; company competitors and survey results. Jason and I didn't have enough time to do the survey, so we told the lecturer truthfully. For this week, she told the class to submit her presentation slides about persona development and journey mapping - according to the survey results we found last week.

I didn't create last week, so the survey that you're going to see later - is the one that I just created this morning. Other than the survey is for the presentation going to submit this Friday, it is also used for part of the report that we are going to submit in Week 6. :-P

survey link:  http://goo.gl/Rn4IZ

There will be a total of 15 questions (if i counted correctly), inclusive of both open-ended and close-ended questions. Jason will be doing the persona development and journey mapping and submit to drop-box by this coming Friday.

I don't know whether he can do it on time or not. 

Maybe, I can do it now for backup... !! :-D

It's not that I don't believe his working capabilities. It just that I learnt for last week lesson that he was unable to deliver the survey questions (only 3 questions during the lesson, right before our presentation) and results (didn't get the result - so we told the lecturer the truth) on time.

Maybe he forgot ... ...

Here is some background info of the website that we are going to make an improvement, using Flash.

(if you're a student from any polys in SG, please don't use your school wireless network to access this website as the firewall is activated to block the access of epok-epok's domain.)

From the info I got from Jason, Epok Epok International is a F & B small and medium enterprise, locates in Yishun Neighborhood. Their products are about selling home-made food choices and drinks. They also provide delivery services.

If you are free, please kindly do this survey for me and Jason.
Thanks !!

21 Oct 2012

Halloween Horror Nights

The very first time that I joined for Halloween event was in my school whereby there were a group of students hosted the event in our school campus last year.

U can check out the blog entry here !!

This year, I looked for the totally brand-new Halloween theme in Facebook and found out this from Resorts World at Sentosa. >> totally different from what I saw in my school.
(too professional !!)

U can check out some of the pictures in their photo albums to find out what's happening in their "horror nights".

So, I went to find out even more from their official website.

Here is one of the interesting trailer that I found when I entered their site.

The video was constructive and its sound design was too damn EPIC. Plus, the trailer helped to attract Halloween fans wanting to know more about the event !!

Here is the latest video that they recorded on what is going on in their event.

(PS: it may contain spoilers !!)

After watching the above link, I further looked out for Halloween-related theme from USA and compared both of them.

USA is more towards on violence and bloody scenery. Their theme is to show how gross and bloody can it be (cos I saw some themes want to be recognizable in some horror movies that they want to portray on), rather than horror.

Whereas, for Singapore, it's more towards horror, creepy and supernatural - which is more suitable to most of the Singaporeans' superstitious behavior.

Because in my personal opinion, the definition of horror is to scare the hell out of people and creep out our mind, rather than to defy the law of physics and psycho us mentally.

Therefore, I am more supportive to Singapore's horror theme rather to USA. It's not becos I want to support my own country ~ it just that Singapore's horror theme is more suitable and logical to suit the true nature of Halloween.

In conclusion, I believe that the difference that Singapore's and USA's Halloween Horror Nights are created to suit the majority of people with different culture towards Halloween themes. There's no right and wrong to the different taste of the people around the world.

15 Oct 2012

My 1st Day After Holiday

It was raining causally this morning.

I reached SP before 7:30 am becos I got the chance to take free rides from my Dad's lorry due to my scheduled time-table is starting 8 am everyday.
[kind of getting back to my NS daily routine ~ haha]

Today is also the lunar calender of 1st September, Monday. So, I made a tweet regarding about the 911 incidents before I reached SP :-P 

[My 1st tweet in the morning]

For the 1st lesson of the day, it is the module on Independent Study Project and Presentation (ISPP). The lecturer-in-charge, Ms Clarice Sim gave a unique approach to make the class lively.
[such as ice-breaking and etc that you usually can find in your 1st day of school]

Moreover, taking the ice-breaking section as example, she told us to participate in a game - "2 truths 1 lie". The game rule was simple: each of the speaker in the group need to make 3 statements and let each group to ask different questions to find out which statement that the speaker was telling a lie or not. This was like killing 2 birds with 1 stone, becos this let us know what the module is all about and at the same time she got the chance to know each of us through the game.

In the end, my group won with the highest amount of points among the 3 groups. Ms Clarice awarded us the prizes individually :-)

[I took 3 oreo from the box]

After the game, she began to introduce us the module information and told us that we need to prepare a 1 minute of newsflash to the class - starting from next week on-wards.
[consider challenge accepted !!]

30 minutes more to end the lesson, she wanted us to go out of classroom to take 6 random shots to fit in the themes that she gave us.
[as creative as possible]

[Theme: a very relaxing place]

[Theme: a pyramid]

[Theme: something big and pink in color]

[Theme: something that begins with the letter "Z"]

[Theme: a family of animals]

[Theme: durian]
Although my group didn't win from this activity, we enjoyed the fun nonetheless. I think I'm starting to like this module even better and interesting than expected. 

Latter, I found out that I am in different class this semester - becos the timetable is different from my friends. Maybe I failed the business statistics module [cos my math sucks] last semester, so I was forcefully transferred to another class 

[seems to have this kind of experience in one of the dreams I made in holiday]. 
~ OH WELL !! ~

I didn't mentally prepared to be in a different class this time [only mentally prepared for the re-take of STATS module]. Only 3 or 4 of them that I know is in the class [through events, SM Angels Group and entrepreneurship]. People such as Weisheng, Bill and Jason. Well, I think I'll need to know the rest of the classmates from scratch quickly before it gets too awkward as the day goes by.

In the 2nd lesson, it is accounting. The lecturer-in-charge is Mrs Annie Cheung. 

[I will not talk much about this lesson as she is going to start at this coming Friday due to some of us didn't have the textbook]

Before we were going to end class, she gave us this assignment: letter of introduction and goals for the grading to her email. I didn't know what to write for the letter, so I sent her this instead..

So, that's all for my 1st day in school. In conclusion, I hope that I can maintain this kind of mood and energy for this semester and if I'm going to mood-swing again - maybe I might view the previous blog entry to remind myself.

14 Oct 2012

The Last Day Before Holiday

Today marks the end of my poly's holiday !!

It's very exciting for me to go back to poly to learn new modules and skills..
But, at the same time, I'm also not quite sure of this feeling that I have right now. So, I wrote this blog entry to celebrate this last day. Maybe becos, I'm still in the holiday mood right now that makes my engine not that active when it comes for school tomorrow.

Whenever I start a new term for school, the first few weeks, I will have this temptation to quickly going back home to do things that I like to do. Although I can absorb much faster and quicker in the first few lessons, but I can also very quickly to lose that kind of energy when I "recovered" from my holiday mood.

In order for me not to go back that kind of mentality and process of being slacking again in SP this time, I took myself a series of photos [expressions / funny faces]. 

This is to remind myself that I have the energy to learn - just like what I enjoy to do the things in holiday and I can recover from my holiday mood without losing the interest on learning during the process [becos I'm very easy to mood-swing].

Anyway,  enjoy the last 8 hours bah !! 
~ LOL ~ 

10 Oct 2012

Social Innovation Project

This is another episode of my sharing session about DBIT modules that I learnt from now on, because I received many good feedback on the previous post that I made.

Here is the post link if you have not read yet.

The definition of social innovation project (SIP) to put on simple term:
To use an innovative idea generated from design thinking system,
to come out ideas to solve clients' objectives in a project.

What I know from my social innovation project last semester was focus on:


which also means to generate an idea to solve a problem to this group of audience:
people who are aged 50 years old and, or above !!

My Group Members
Wearing the red shirt -> me
The only girl in class -> Amelia
The oldest student who always wear white army t-shirt in class -> Jason
The one who always M.I.A on almost every lesson -> Lokman
The most "attentive" and innocent student -> Leslie

Taken using my new iPad in the last lesson
In order to show all of you what we did in this project, I decided to conclude all lessons we learnt and turned them into a video - just like what I did for the Entrepreneurship blog entry !!

My SIP Journal

I didn't write much in this journal because I was submitting it at the last minute due to the time I was in a gaming competition for NEGC 2012 (Click here to find out more).

I was surprised that I got a grade of "B" for this journal. However, when I saw my 2 team-mates (Leslie [B+] and Jason [C]), I was amazed as they did the writing amount 2 or 3 times more than me. LOL !!

Our presentation to conclude what we learnt and solution to the project statement we defined

Note: The most important tip for this module is the process, contribution to the group and attendance taking - as they were the key factors to decide your final grade of the module (graded by your team-mates).

*PS: the module is only 2 credit points and by far the most easiest module that U can score, - cos you don't have to do exams or tests, although u need to do some silly activities in some lessons. 
~ Imao !! ~

9 Oct 2012

[Case Study] YouNow

This is another case study that I would like to share about. If you have not read the first case study that I recently created, please click here

Do you all know that YouNow is a social video platform? 

It allows users to broadcast live video & interact with their audience in real time. This is the latest trend in USA and UK that teens are talking about right now. 


I personally don't have a real webcam installed for my laptop, so my current level in YouNow is still at lvl 1, despite I have so many coins in my disposal. Everyday you login, the system will give you 100 coins free every 12 hours later. 

Everytime when you perform chat with the audience, your level will go up depending on how long is ur time limit. Also, users will be able to stay on for every extra minutes if the audience stays on the like more than dislike (thumbs up/down). 

In addition, audience can use their coins (gain a coin every sec when u enter a comment in the video chat or stay every minute in younow) to buy gifts, decoration and etc to a specific user for their amazing talking / presentation skills.

Audience can become fans of the users as the users will ranked according how many fans they have to the top 10 positions of a channel weekly. The audience can send Facebook requests to the users or follow them into twitter.


There are lot of different channels for different audience to go into, such as talk, talk+, Guys, Girls, shows, music, karaoke, politics and etc. Most of the users can be as young as 10 years old and above till older 40 years old and above. There are also other new channels created for different users in different interest and many other new changes that I have not explore them yet, since the last time I login.

Plus, this platform is entirely free and no monthly subscription involved. You can login to younow.com with your current Facebook account. 

If you wanna try out, go to this link: http://www.younow.com/shows