9 Nov 2011

[Social Media App] Wildfire

Wildfire is one of the social media apps that most companies and organisation use for their promotion campaign.

Whether it is regarding of brand awareness or discount in pricing, this tool is an essential app for almost all social media marketers.

Not only that, currently Wildfire has been officially publish their new dashboard to the world right now to better monitor their clients' social media campaigns, but to their benefits too.

I personally recommend using Wildfire to most people who are involved in social media-related projects. As this not only make your page special and full of attraction, it also helps to make your targeted companies to have successful promotion strategies in the long run.

I had shared this similar information to the social media angels' page. Check here for other info related :)

So what are you waiting for?? Sign up to Wildfire and try their apps today ...!!!

28 Oct 2011

Bloody Mary

The scary room was created by a bunch of students in the age of 17 to 20 and was done in low budgets. It was located at poly-centre of SP. Take note that there are no lights but great sound effects :D

10 Oct 2011


This song is released after Zack was dead and his soul was taken by an angel in the last CG of the game. The game is called: "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core". Enjoy !! :-)

25 Jun 2011

Interview with Nicole Seah @ SP

I shot the video whereby Nicole did not know that Im firming her. I did not ask of her approval because I do not want to hear her speaking carefully in front of camera.  At first, she felt uncomfortable about it, but i replied that this is for "research purposes", thus leading her to talk more than she usually will not answer to the SP students. Therefore, I used sneaking tactics to record her real truth to social media issues and currently political parties.

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