28 Feb 2013

(Recap) Jan 30 to Feb 25 - Part 2

If you have read the part 1 of the recap, you'll probably know why I created this 2 part special recap for the month of Feb.

Feb 11

I came across a very interesting video: I want to be your girlfriend !!

Feb 12

I was invited to become one of the admin for SP Confessions. This Facebook page is to give SP students to confess what they dare not to say to someone they had in mind; some complaints or things they want to say of a platform. My job for this page is to advertise and increasing its fan amount as high as possible.

Official Twitter a/c

 This is a voluntary work, so there is no pay for doing it.

Feb 14

Today is V-day. A #ForeverAlone Day for me !!

Anyway, I came across a photo taken by a SP student on Facebook. Apparently, there was a lone snake crawling in T17. Ha-ha, a snake appeared during V-day in a snake year is definitely an EPIC news and so I thought it was a must-share for you all to know :-P

Feb 15

Today is my WEBS (web service development module) end-of-semester test. Apparently, I should be studying for this test, but instead I went with some of the SP confessions's admins to do a Harlem Shake production for SP.

Here is the final video edited by the 987 FM Double Ds (Dee Kosh & Divian)

And here is the production video that I recorded before the final video released

As you can see, the Harlem Shake at SP video was a success. So to spice the atmosphere, I also added some deleted production scenes that were not included in the previous video.

In addition, I think I did quite well for the WEBS test ~ best day of the month :)

Feb 21

I came across Diana Raymond that she is going to host a giveaway for her 3 bottles of award-winning wines from France. So, I participated in this mini contest of hers by stating this quote: "I want Clairette to enjoy with Mummy Love Wei Xuan".

In addition, the set of newly-design coins have been released. Although the coin designers had re-size the $1 and 50 cents coins (previously, it was $1 is small and 50 cents are big), the designs look a bit uncomfortable. Though they want to promote some landmarks of Singapore, but I still prefer the old coins' design.

Feb 22

The booths that I bought the instant camera from SP entrepreneurship bazaar has been STOMPED. However, it was not a bad thing this time. Read the article to find out more !! :-)

Bought my instant camera from them

Bought the mug plate from them
Feb 23

I came across this tweet from Dee Kosh and I went there. This time, I didn't go there to shoot their production. Instead, I went to enjoy the fun there as part of the "extra" dancer in this Harlem Shake video ~ along with Pei Shi, Naomi Neo, Jian Hao, Dee Kosh, SGAG admins and many other YouTubers and bloggers.

 I heard this might be the biggest Harlem Shake in Singapore of all time !! :-)

Feb 25

Today marks all Singaporean's very important day: Budget Day. This is the day where all the laws, policies created by the government involved with prices and charges will be changed. Common topics such as inflation, ERP charges, CPF and etc. will be discussed and concluded on this day and we will need to "adapt" till next year.

In addition, this is my last exam of today ~ Accounting exam. Because I did quite badly in the 2nd test, therefore I found this test quite easily ~ compared to the one I took in February 3 weeks ago.

And that concludes of what I went through the past weeks of this recap.

(Recap) 30 Jan to 25 Feb - Part 1

This post is to let you all know that I'm still blogging ~ just that I was rushing assignments, exams and projects in the past weeks, so not much time for me to update weekly/daily posts here. And since recently, I had finally released from those works, I can finally write these missing updates to compensate the losses of time for you all have come to visit my blog everyday or every week :-)

Jan 30
I retweeted the above tweet as there were many stuff going on in school that I thought it should be alright if I didn't write the blog post.

Another reason that I must write down was because I was invited to my course bonding event. If you've not read the previous post about this event, here's the link. Because of some reason, they pushed the date to Jan 30, in which after this date, I have to revise for my accounting test on 31 Jan. Instead of revising for the test, I went to this event instead to "enjoy" the fun with the juniors.

31 Jan

I think I am going to fail this test today as I was revising it by this morning, due to I was too tired for the event yesterday and dozed off. Moreover, I went to the wrong classroom and made me anxious, and thus led me to forget what I memorized earlier for the test. >.<

Feb 1

I need to rush a lot of reports as they were due on Feb 4. Also, we will have to borrow video equipment from DMIT in order for us to do our video production tomorrow.

Feb 2

Today is the day to carry out our video production project. We went to liaise with the archery members and we carried out the shot at the SP stadium on a sunny afternoon. The video production took us a few hours to get all the shots right and due to some conflict in my team, thus I came out the solution to put the final editing works to me.

Feb 3

After I finished all the reports that were due on Feb 4, I started to edit for the video on the 2nd round. Here is the 1st draft video that I uploaded to YouTube !!

Feb 4

After submitting the reports, I also need to rush out a PowerPoint slide for the demo on a flash project. In other hand, my classmate, Eugene and I went to look for 2 lecturers to teach us the export setting of the video project.

This is the 2nd draft of the video that I put to much thought, though this was still not the final one because of the export setting didn't fulfill the requirement in our project. :O

Final video of the commercial that publish publicly on my channel :)

Feb 6 & 7

I was invited by my classmates to "shopping" at entrepreneurship bazaar.

This bazaar was hosted for all students who want to conduct a small business by setting up small booths and sell all kinds of products and services. And from there, to let the students experienced what a daily operation of running a business was like and to earn some small money for them to run other types of businesses.

Here is the 2 set of items that I bought from 2 booths, running by my classmates.

I bought this camera was to get ready for some shots for the Chinese New Year.

Fujifilm Instant Camera ~ Instax mini 25

Bought 2 boxes of films for the instant camera
I bought this mug plate because it is beautifully-designed and for charity, since they got these kind of products created for the disabled people.

Feb 8

Here are some pictures that my course-bonding event took and some pictures that I took with my classmate at the entrepreneurship bazaar !! :-D

I even set this picture into a cover in my Facebook profile.

DBIT-bonding event champion ~ Group 3 (prize: $10 popular voucher)
First 2 Instax pictures that I took with my classmates: Tan Hui Juan :-]

Left: taken on Feb 7 and Right: taken in Feb 6

Other than the pictures, I also came across some videos that I found quite interesting and funny, especially this video for the CNY.

Feb 9 & 10

We went to Spring Court Restaurant for our reunion dinner. Unlike most families who ate steamboat at home, we went out instead and it happens every time like this every year.

5-star puzzle division

Table no.: 306

Chili sauce

Because the list is in Chinese ~.~
English translation in some pictures here might not be correct

Shark-fin soup

Crispy Fried Chicken

Steam Fish

Deep-white Tiger Prawns

Fried noodles

Coconut red-bean soup (dessert)

Cam-whoring at the restaurant while waiting for the food !!

Family Photo with my 3rd sister's family

Using the instant camera to take some shots while queuing outside the restaurant ...

While I was staying up late at night (which I need to do this for my family every year ~ to prolong the life of my parents), I was surfing twitter when I found out that one of my admired YouTuber, Tan Jian Hao was trending his catchphrase: #LohYehMohYeh

On the next day, then we started the steamboat. But this time, it's with my 2nd sister's family.

2 of my nephews were playing together :)

Feb 10

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in Feecha app !!

Embedded image permalink

I happened to come across my friend's video project that he posted on Twitter. He was trying to promote his catchphrase: #HowBoutNo

That's all I have to share for part 1 of this recap !!

Part 2 of this recap will be coming up soon, so stay tune !!