4 Mar 2013

[Gaming] League of Legends (Part 01)

I've been playing this online game for the past 5 months  !!

It's not that I'm pro in this game, just want to share all experiences I had in this game and some moments I have captured in the screen shot.

First of all, I play on Garena SG servers and my own 2 accounts. One is for playing my ranked games (LegendaryEmperor) and another is to train my (Player VS Player) PVP skills (Kelvin T YR). If you do not know what / how is league of legends been played, here is their official website.

Here are some recent screenshots that I captured every-time I won from a match :-)

Champion: Ashe
This champion is an ad-ranged carry. She used to play and can carry with tons of damage in the past. Because of her slow abilities, wide range of "radar" skill and a global ultimate move ~ makes her stand out differently from the other champions in the League of Legends champion selection. 

Although her defense is lacking, especially magic resists, made her vulnerable against any champions to spar with her, she can recover those weaknesses by farming quickly and hit faster.

Therefore, I used to pick her as an ad carry / support to help my team to secure victory / kills and she is also one of my favorite champion :-)

Champion: Garen

This champion is an ad-melee tank fighter. He has not need of mana to carry out his attack. He has a strong armor and moderate magic resist. Although he moves slowly and not long-ranged, it is his ultimate that stands out, which also make him my 2nd favorite champion.

Therefore, I used to pick him as tanker / "meat shield" to cover some champions in my team who are low armor / magic resist. 

Recently, I tried to get myself to use different champions in different team combinations and different kinds of strategic styles with different players I was grouped with. Thus, I trained to use Darius and Wukong. They are both semi-tank melee champions. 

Darius is more towards a killer machine if used correctly / you can use it as a tank champion (like Garen) but with a bit more damage. 

Wukong (As you all know, the monkey from Journey to the West :-D) is acted somehow the same way as Darius, but less damage and can easily escape from dangers.

Apart from all the pictures that I collected above into my photo album and in my Facebook page, I also added a promo video into my YouTube channel.

This video is produced by RIOTS (the team who created this game). They are to promote their game client can be downloaded to all MAC users. So, I edited a bit and cos I don't like the message near the end of the video (if you've seen the original from YouTube Search)

And that concludes my gaming on League of Legends in this post . . .

There might be other parts related-posts about League of Legends to come if I happen to be in the ranking list of this game. Oh well, who knows !! In the meantime, thanks for reading this post :-)

3 Mar 2013

[Prize Collection] Jailance: Clairette

Maybe I'm writing this post quite late, since I received this prize giveaway from Diana Raymond on 28 Feb. But anyway, here is the French bottle-fermented sparkling wine.

Diana & I

If you have seen my previous post, you'll know how I won this giveaway. I'm not a good drinker, so it might be wise to enjoy it with my 3rd sister whenever she wants to visit us with her son. :-) 

Didn't know it was packaged so nicely :-)

If you want to know more about this brand: Jailance, you can head on to their official website OR refer to my friend's blog: Diana Raymond :-)

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as it is my 1st day of internship. 
It's been 2 years since I last worked.

Good luck to me for the 1st day of work tmw, or I'll be GG / FML !!