23 Jan 2012

Reunion Dinner 2012

This is the part of a process where every Chinese will need to go through for their Chinese New Year dinner.   My favorite dish in the reunion dinner every year has got to be the one that you saw in the video (idk how to type in Mandarin, LOL). Because it is fun although I was usually the one who has the soft voice = =" !!

I recorded this scenery during Chinese New Year's Eve and after the dinner, due to the limited space in front of the lorry. I had no choice but to sit at the back. It was shaky, so enjoy the ride while you are watching . . .

11 Jan 2012

FF 13-2 Review

Final Fantasy XIII-2's box art features the indomitable Lightning, looking strong and feminine in her tough-as-nails armor and flowing skirt of feathers. You remember Lightning, of course: she spent the majority of Final Fantasy XIII trying to release her sister Serah from a crystalline prison. 

Don't let that gorgeous portrait of the daunting heroine fool you, however. She has a part to play in this direct sequel, but it's Serah's turn in the spotlight now. Serah's not the powerhouse personality her sister is, but that doesn't keep Final Fantasy XIII-2 from delivering a satisfying mix of poignant storytelling and exciting action.

  • Monster collection is fun and addictive 
  • Multiple heartfelt moments combine story and gameplay in effective ways 
  • Caius is a fantastic villain 
  • Impressive, varied visual design.
  • The best characters were sidelined in favor of less interesting ones 
  • Multiple sequences bog down the pace 
  • Main story is relatively easy and short.