3 Mar 2013

[Prize Collection] Jailance: Clairette

Maybe I'm writing this post quite late, since I received this prize giveaway from Diana Raymond on 28 Feb. But anyway, here is the French bottle-fermented sparkling wine.

Diana & I

If you have seen my previous post, you'll know how I won this giveaway. I'm not a good drinker, so it might be wise to enjoy it with my 3rd sister whenever she wants to visit us with her son. :-) 

Didn't know it was packaged so nicely :-)

If you want to know more about this brand: Jailance, you can head on to their official website OR refer to my friend's blog: Diana Raymond :-)

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as it is my 1st day of internship. 
It's been 2 years since I last worked.

Good luck to me for the 1st day of work tmw, or I'll be GG / FML !!

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