14 Oct 2012

The Last Day Before Holiday

Today marks the end of my poly's holiday !!

It's very exciting for me to go back to poly to learn new modules and skills..
But, at the same time, I'm also not quite sure of this feeling that I have right now. So, I wrote this blog entry to celebrate this last day. Maybe becos, I'm still in the holiday mood right now that makes my engine not that active when it comes for school tomorrow.

Whenever I start a new term for school, the first few weeks, I will have this temptation to quickly going back home to do things that I like to do. Although I can absorb much faster and quicker in the first few lessons, but I can also very quickly to lose that kind of energy when I "recovered" from my holiday mood.

In order for me not to go back that kind of mentality and process of being slacking again in SP this time, I took myself a series of photos [expressions / funny faces]. 

This is to remind myself that I have the energy to learn - just like what I enjoy to do the things in holiday and I can recover from my holiday mood without losing the interest on learning during the process [becos I'm very easy to mood-swing].

Anyway,  enjoy the last 8 hours bah !! 
~ LOL ~ 

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