9 Oct 2012

[Case Study] YouNow

This is another case study that I would like to share about. If you have not read the first case study that I recently created, please click here

Do you all know that YouNow is a social video platform? 

It allows users to broadcast live video & interact with their audience in real time. This is the latest trend in USA and UK that teens are talking about right now. 


I personally don't have a real webcam installed for my laptop, so my current level in YouNow is still at lvl 1, despite I have so many coins in my disposal. Everyday you login, the system will give you 100 coins free every 12 hours later. 

Everytime when you perform chat with the audience, your level will go up depending on how long is ur time limit. Also, users will be able to stay on for every extra minutes if the audience stays on the like more than dislike (thumbs up/down). 

In addition, audience can use their coins (gain a coin every sec when u enter a comment in the video chat or stay every minute in younow) to buy gifts, decoration and etc to a specific user for their amazing talking / presentation skills.

Audience can become fans of the users as the users will ranked according how many fans they have to the top 10 positions of a channel weekly. The audience can send Facebook requests to the users or follow them into twitter.


There are lot of different channels for different audience to go into, such as talk, talk+, Guys, Girls, shows, music, karaoke, politics and etc. Most of the users can be as young as 10 years old and above till older 40 years old and above. There are also other new channels created for different users in different interest and many other new changes that I have not explore them yet, since the last time I login.

Plus, this platform is entirely free and no monthly subscription involved. You can login to younow.com with your current Facebook account. 

If you wanna try out, go to this link: http://www.younow.com/shows

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