21 Oct 2012

Halloween Horror Nights

The very first time that I joined for Halloween event was in my school whereby there were a group of students hosted the event in our school campus last year.

U can check out the blog entry here !!

This year, I looked for the totally brand-new Halloween theme in Facebook and found out this from Resorts World at Sentosa. >> totally different from what I saw in my school.
(too professional !!)

U can check out some of the pictures in their photo albums to find out what's happening in their "horror nights".

So, I went to find out even more from their official website.

Here is one of the interesting trailer that I found when I entered their site.

The video was constructive and its sound design was too damn EPIC. Plus, the trailer helped to attract Halloween fans wanting to know more about the event !!

Here is the latest video that they recorded on what is going on in their event.

(PS: it may contain spoilers !!)

After watching the above link, I further looked out for Halloween-related theme from USA and compared both of them.

USA is more towards on violence and bloody scenery. Their theme is to show how gross and bloody can it be (cos I saw some themes want to be recognizable in some horror movies that they want to portray on), rather than horror.

Whereas, for Singapore, it's more towards horror, creepy and supernatural - which is more suitable to most of the Singaporeans' superstitious behavior.

Because in my personal opinion, the definition of horror is to scare the hell out of people and creep out our mind, rather than to defy the law of physics and psycho us mentally.

Therefore, I am more supportive to Singapore's horror theme rather to USA. It's not becos I want to support my own country ~ it just that Singapore's horror theme is more suitable and logical to suit the true nature of Halloween.

In conclusion, I believe that the difference that Singapore's and USA's Halloween Horror Nights are created to suit the majority of people with different culture towards Halloween themes. There's no right and wrong to the different taste of the people around the world.

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