5 Oct 2012

The Prediction of a Dream

Da Jie (my 1st elder sister) had a dream on 1st October, but she told me about it on Wednesday instead. I was very interested about this dream she made. Because I think it would most likely going to be a prediction for the near future.

I also made some prediction dreams myself before and I wrote it down in my group blog which is now been "moved": Dream #1 [more towards my friendship I'm having in SP] and Dream #2 [more about a friend that I once nearly fell in love to, but I messed up myself] << Click the link and find out yourself !!

Anyway, I asked Da Jie about the brief description of her dream.

After asking her necessary questions about her dream, I listed them down and began my investigation to crack the code of this dream.

Here is what I researched so far and break the code into 2 or 3 different explanation:

The 1st assumption I made was about her internal fear and the 2nd assumption was about her luck decreasing when she and M were pouring out the water from the flooding.

For the 1st assumption -> I got it from the Western explanation as they said every dream we made, was more towards on discovering our inner self but in a more sub-conscious level and more hidden << somehow refer as hidden potential = I think !!

For the 2nd assumption -> I got the info from the Eastern explanation as they said the doing that we did in the dream were more reflected our personal luck and fortune that we lost / gain through the process of an incident / daily lives << somehow refer as fortune-telling or some sort ..

As for the 3rd assumption -> On 4th Oct, I made it myself through the experience I had in my previous dream experience. [At the top of the 2nd picture]

I was about to tell Da Jie on Friday morning, but the incident already happened. 

Result: Dad was caught by the police in his working place because he owed a lot of debts to the government 2 years ago. << Guess I kind of late [4 hours] to report what I cracked from the dream, 

If I told Dad early to watch out for police, maybe he can avoid been caught ... 
Oh well !!

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