23 Sep 2012

The Prediction

Today, I saw my mother was playing the poker cards to predict whether she had any good luck for the horse racing tomorrow.

So, I interrupted her playing :P

In favor of her effort, I gave her $10. Because people believed that giving red packet money to someone who helped you doing the prediction, must reward them for making the effort or else that someone will kena the bad luck you had...I think !!

Anyway, I don't know how she did it, but she said her skills only had 20% to 30% passed down by my grandmother, not the full "horse-power". And, my mother admitted that she will not be as powerful as my grandmother.

Here is the result that she displayed:

My mother told me that this was difficult to read the results as she had not reached the "level" yet. But, she could roughly foretold some parts of the story. 

"2 young guys with a bad heart are thinking me and wants to cause me harm, and I myself was thinking of his scolding. My heart is still thinking of a young woman."

(Btw, the card I'm represented was heart & diamond)

Why was it 2 and not 1? 
My mother told me that heart represented as my body, which was the first card I randomly picked from a deck of cards and diamond was the second card that I picked to represent as my soul.

My mother did not know what is 4, 5, 6 means, cos she only knew the number of hearts, 7, 8, 9, and all the king, queen and jack. Furthermore, I had some hidden secrets that I don't dare to tell her, which made the prediction more hard to read. So, she returned me back the $10 I gave her as she was unable to read the result.

Note: I don't usually believe on the prediction on a deck of cards. Not unless the person can guess out the story to be 80% true, then I will buy the story. 

PS: Whoever can predict or read the picture shown above, feel free to comment below !! I promise U that I will not delete the comments, even if they were bad...

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