4 Sep 2012


My dream is to be a social media entrepreneur in the field of marketing and branding for local SMEs and organisations. Currently, I am a full-time student studying in SP (Singapore Polytechnic) in the diploma of Business-Information Technology.

After gaining 1 year plus of experience on marketing and branding research and added some experiences from some events that I organised for SP into my portfolio, I decided to put what I know and like to come together into a business plan.

This is do for the sake of my elective module in my 2nd year: Entrepreneurship. It is divided into 3 parts:

1. Business simulation game (Sim Venture)

It is a text-based game that is related to a computer company which you must run for 3 years without going bankrupt. The difficulty of the game is set to be so real that it made it very easy to go bankrupt (not an easy game to play with - plus it is consists as 40% of the whole module). But, luckily I scored a 'B'. :-P

2. Business Plan (4 ppls in a group)

My partners and I applied what we know from Sim Venture and made a business plan for a start-up. It is about a limited partnership company on internet marketing, named as "Plixatex". The plan includes of the content about the company overview, market research, services that we provide, financial statements and many more. Plus, we need to present a business plan presentation to the external entrepreneurs for the collection of feed-backs to help improve the plan.
To show what our business is all about :)

3. My Entrepreneurial Journal

The journal include content about what I learnt from the entrepreneurship module. Examples such as group site visit; meetings & discussion; sim venture; business plan and etc. See the video below for more details (take my submitted journal as an example).

In conclusion, I love this module as I got to know more in-depth operation of how a company run and things to take note for every important decisions before you take on the real venture planning. This is an exciting and interesting module of the year as I get to work with new people and gain knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs to get what I need to know, before starting my business in the future.

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