20 Sep 2012

Dinner Time !!

I was confused about what to eat for dinner. 

Initially, I discussed with my mother to buy take away food tonight from the nearest Kopitiam. My mother listed a lot of variety to me, but nothing interested me as I had those food recently. It was so awkward if I went and bought them again.

In a nick of time, I suggested to my mother to make some home-cook dishes. 

But, this time, I was the one to choose the ingredients while she did the cooking. I wanted to try a dish with different ingredients this time. Rest assured, no matter what the taste like, I was the one who ate them later.

1st dish: Egg Fried Rice !!

So, you might be thinking what is so special about this dish...

Well, the only changes in the ingredients: 

Normally, we use leftover white rice (took from the fridge) to use as the main rice for a fried rice. In this case, I choose the leftover chicken rice last night to test it out.

And, do you know what happens when I ate it? 

It was extremely nicer than using the normal white rice. (Idk how to describe it in words..)

2nd dish: Fried Mee Hoon !!

3rd dish: Pork bone soup with corn !!

These 2 dishes are my mother's set. 
I found their appearance look quite nice, so I took their pictures as well.

This is my first time to write what I eat during my dinner time. Cos I usually eat outside and it is seldom that I get to taste my mother's cooking skills.

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