22 Sep 2012

Collection of the Mystery Gift

If you have not read the last blog entry I made for SAFRA PK Challenge 2012, 
please click here.

I received this email on 14 September, after I complained many times to their Facebook page about their empty promise they made to a blogger.

According to this email, I need to go down to their HQ to retrieve the goodie bag by showing this email in the duration from 16 to 23 September.

Yesterday, I went down to the HQ of SAFRA after I settled some personal things in SPGG (Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild).

After showing them this email in the service counter, I finally gotten the items.

Enclosed in an envelope instead of a bag

Here are the items inside of the big envelope:

$10 KTV voucher (valid till 31 Jan 2013)

Tattoo sticker of the amazing spider-man !!

LOL about its tattoo instruction :D

Obviously no use to me at all - cos I'm not a girl :P

I thought it was a mud plate...

not until, I flipped its back that it is a magnet >_<

Finally, something useful: a notepad !!

*PS: sometimes, you just can't figure out how the org able to change the term "goodie bag" into a big envelope full of useless items !! 

This is something that they really need to improve about.. haizz !!


  1. lol. why so niao about a free gift.

    1. Yeah, I also didn't know that this is their so-called "free mystery gift".
      And, here I thought: is something big...

  2. i meant u not them lol =.=

    1. Becos I have things to do between 16 to 21, and since the collection time is at latest 23.. I chose to collect at a later time..