3 Sep 2012

7 Deadly Sins

The embryonic entering and beginnings of my life and in light and joy; sound and pulse; song and sound; silent and strong; simple and surreal.

I am born, nor of divine but a beat begins and fades.

I am arrived.

This video is recorded for the purpose of practicing for the short play because I take a Diploma-plus: "Theater Performance & Production" module since last year. I am the writer of this experimental play. The story is talked about the society of people generate and affect in their heart and mind by the surroundings of people, environments and etc. Though the 5 mins play of the trailer has already finished last month, the original play of 45 mins is not yet as it will be releasing in SP Au thorium, March 2013.

Anyway, enjoy this video and be prepared for the sudden twist happening in this video !! :P

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