26 Sep 2012

[Case Study] MMOHut

This is the first case study that I create and like to share with all the readers here about how MMOHut founders using YouTube as one of their social media platform to earn a living, other than using their website, website forums and Facebook page:

Official Website

Official Facebook Page

MMOHut is committed to creating and maintaining the most detailed free MMO & MMORPG portal on the internet. They aim to provide detailed reviews, screenshots, videos, and resources for every client and browser based free to play MMO & MMOPRG.


Aside from bringing their latest MMORPG news and reviews, they also strive to connect all the gamers with one another. 

Because of the wide range of genres and personal preference, the goal of their reviews is to inform and outline the features of each game rather than overly critique. They use a five scale grading system (Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent) and encourage their viewers to rate games on a 1 – 5 star scale.

Rating Scale

Their members are also encouraged to contribute their own reviews and discuss games on their forums.

To the most up-to-date information that I know, they have expanded their community of 2 admins to 4 admins (Omer, Spunify, Omer's brother and Kitty) of managing between the website and youtube channel.

2nd admin in MMOHut: Michael aka Spunkify

3rd admin in MMOHut: Kitty

Recently, around 1 week ago, their website and youtube videos they created have been taken over by this social networking site: mmoflag . Its functionality and interface are working almost the same as pinterest, but instead of pictures, they include gaming-related videos. This helps to combine their massive forum community with an image-centric easy to read format that not only makes finding out news easier, but makes posting faster than ever! Also, it is compatible with their users' existing forum account so they only need to fill out one brief page to get connected!

Here is the video that MMOHut introduce how this new social networking site greatly beneficial for their gamers: 

mmoflag - share MMO news and content from around the web

In my personal opinion, I love playing online role-playing games. Most of the new games I played were mostly from their website - no matter it is popular or not, I will intend to try it out and uninstall them later :P

The reason of why I want to share the success of MMOHut is not because of their awesome gameplay (as there are many other sites doing this kind of business as well), it's because they tend to bring out the uniqueness of the gameplay of each RPG to their fullest - which makes the players from around the world to have that interest to explore the new games themselves.

Without them, the new MMORPG / MMO will never discovered and make necessary quality improvements for the games that everyone would enjoy for the fun.

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