1 Sep 2012

Facebook Love Story #1

I <3 U

Are u serious? :O
That's pretty random to be sent by you !
Is this send to me accidentally? :[

No, that message was sent to you and I seriously mean it. *_*
Ever since I added u in Facebook,
I have been observing your wall status for a few months now.
From the moment of u being sad, angry, and happy,
there are no words to describe that feeling of mine towards you.
When I met u in real person that very first time,
I knew that you are the woman that I want to have in my life.
Sometimes, when I saw you lost in different moody situations,
it hurt my heart so much as if you are my precious that none can replace u.
U has the smile, laughter and many other elements that I can’t describe in words,
in which I can only feel them through my heart.
I love U is not through your appearance,
but your pure and real personality.
It is from there that I have this crush feeling towards u.
Please accept my love and be my girlfriend.
I will cherish you forever till death comes. 

The End. [To be continued . . . ]

Please stay tune for the next episode of Facebook Love Story to see whether the girl accepts the boy's love proposal or not !! ^_^

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