27 Sep 2012

How to cook a simple dinner?

Inspired by the high amount of page-views from this blog entry - "Dinner Time !!", I decided to further expand the story out.

I recorded a video of my mother's cooking skill on a set of 3 dishes dinner and uploaded to YouTube !! :P

I'm not intend to make this kind of prank to my mother, as I want to showcase her cooking skill (although not the pro lvl yet) but undiscovered for 50 years is quite long, so I decide to make this blog entry for her.

After publishing the video successfully in YouTube (which took me about 3 hrs - including processing time), I made a promise to the YouTube audience (as stated in the credit - near the end of the video) about the "More specific details..." in the blog. So I start off these unseen details below that I did not reveal in the video.

First, let u all see my kitchen stove 1st !!

This is really tidy and neat before all the cooking started. Btw, the pot already contained boiling soup that I didn't mention about the fourth dish (I miss out the part she's preparing for the soup, but oh well)

Anyway, I went on and took other pictures on ingredients that my mother already prepared first hand.

Here are the ingredients :D

Eggs - to be used for the 1st dish

Mushrooms - to be used for the 3rd dish
My mother told me that the water washed for the mushroom cannot be drink, as they are poisonous (idk what will happen if i did, maybe google later and try it out if it's not dangerous :P)

Here are the rest of ingredients !!

Washing the rice and using rice-cooker !!

Cooking Tip: If you don't know how to make your rice soft to eat, put more cups of water than your cups of rice. For example: 3 cups of rice -> need 4 cups of water !! If you're going for a normal standard, then it is 3 cups of rice -> 3 cups of water.

And here we are all the 3 dishes after I finished recorded the video

It seems I've made the 1st dish to look "small" ~
The pot of soup is distributed into 3 bowels
Becos it was my mother, sister and I were eating the dinner at that time. Dad had not come home yet, however ~ he always ate alone maybe becos of his body odor and he liked to eat first before shower (cos he works as a construction supervisor !!). Plus he always came home very late...Oh well ~_~

Without much further ado, after I took necessary pictures for my blog entry, I took this very last picture before I started to eat the dinner happily ever after. Haha !!

And here are the leftover dishes when I finished eating !! (very paisei for stating that the above is the last picture ~ LOL)

Leftover for my father !!

If you're a fan of simple cooking / you want to try out cooking yourself a lunch or dinner (maybe u can try it out, to catch the heart of your loved ones -- LOL), then you'll definitely not going to miss out this important info !! ~~ I think :)

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