13 Nov 2012

[How to] Video Presentation

This incident happened during my October holiday when I was looking for a part-time job as I'm going to start school on 15 Oct. I surfed Facebook and found out that a local music company, Hark Music was looking for a candidate for the job position as student care executive (part time).

Just because I didn't go for the interview as they stated (because they sent me the email on the interview day). How am I get myself prepare in a few hours time ?? So, I found myself an excuse to "reject". [1st mistake I made]

So, I received this email above that I need to do a video presentation before I went for interview. [I would've gone for the interview instead !!]

This is the 1st video presentation that I made to the company.
However, I didn't get to be recruited due to some mistakes I made in this video.

After realizing that I stand no chance for the interview, I came out this list of tips to inform any students out there who want to look for a job and want to study at the same time.

Tips on how to do a good video presentation:

~ Tip 01: Don't declare yourself that you're a student ~

If you're a full-time student like myself, don't EVER tell the truth to your interviewees. If you really want to say out your current status, best to "cover" yourself with these examples below.

 "I'm unemployed"
"I was being fired by this XXX companies because ... ...."
"I was just graduated from XXX secondary school"

~ Tip 02: Don't be nervous ~

If you're very nervous in front of a camera, pretend the camera as in your mirror OR prepare a script and do a voice-recording 1st and later on sync the voice-over to your cam. (it's a bit troublesome this way)

~ Tip 03: Try to say as much as you can about yourself ~

Given the time limit, try to say as much as you can about yourself. Don't limit yourself to things that your company like, cos they want to know more about you in your leisure.

Even if you mention things that you think is not so appropriate - for example: gaming stuff - you'll think that your interviewees will think of you playful or not serious. However, you should talk more on it. Because only the things you like to talk about proves that you like the job as well as your hobbies.

~ Conclusion ~

As for things such as your working experience and job skills are least important ones, because they can see it from your resumes. The purpose of making video presentation is to make your employer to see how confident can you be in front of the camera, before they saw you in real person during the interview.

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