23 Nov 2012

GARO: Blue Cries of the Demon Dragon

When I was surfing Facebook the other day, I came across JEFusion's Facebook page and accessed to their website

I found this movie trailer quite interesting due to its beautiful cut-scenes.

I watched it over and over - not that I did not understand. It's just that the content inside the video is awesome and "powerful". Thus, it attracted me to search deeper about its story. From what I researched so far, I only know that it's going to be officially released on February, 2013. If this is going to be released in Singapore, it would most likely on the month of May / June or even later.

Here is one screenshot that I took from the video ~ looks quite cool to become this blog entry's cover sharing purpose:

Main character of the movie: Kouga

Official Facebook Page


I was surprised to find out from their about tab of their page. They created the page since 2005 - which means within this 7 years of film-making and marketing on this movie, is not attractive ~ seeing the current fan amount !!

Official Twitter Account


Official Website of the movie


Homepage of the website

The story of the movie

Casts from the movie

My overall opinion about this movie

Personally, I'm not quite looking forward for this movie because there's too many CG scenes and special effects involved in this movie. Although it's nice to have these effects added into the element of this kind of fantasy movie, but it would be better if the characters are made into anime characters (2D) or 3D animated models. And as such, the movie will seem to be kind of "fake" if 99% of the movie is made up of special effects.

Likewise, for people who like to see action-oriented movies involved with special effects, then this movie will be most suitable as I think its graphics and sound are top-notch after watching the trailer myself. Moreover, if it's the first release, it might come out in cinema as 3D movie. Due to this addition, this will help to improve the movie experience of 3D into another level. 


The reason of why I created this blog entry is not to boast about this movie, but to foretell the future of the current movie industry might evolve to. More of such movies are going into digital media, comes to a point that people would fall on beautiful graphics and music on movies, rather than creative story-line and twisted endings ~ as most movies nowadays failed to do so. 

It is further lead to a certain extent that only movies with special effects will help to cover-up the loopholes of their uninteresting stories and expected endings. Thus, it gives the audience a wrong concept that only movies with special effects would guarantee a success. Therefore, it makes the traditional movies with no special effects (mostly depending on acting skills and emotional experience) unable to transfer its original purpose and message to the society. 

Most of the time, it will cause more confusion to the audience who cannot think even deeper about the ending of the story and asked their friends and families about the meaning behind it. Because of this, people try to avoid such movies and spread the news out, saying how lousy and uninteresting, but actually they were not.

In conclusion, I think it would be good if people can watch such movies and maybe there are some valuable information they gain in the end. There might be a  slight / slim chance to let people to try out movies with no special effects once in a while.

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