22 Nov 2012

[Preview] Issue #009 MetroDBITan

It's been a long time since I posted my last blog entry weeks ago.

To get myself something fresh and different to start, I got this blog entry info from another blog.

This type of blog entry is created by my lecturer, Mrs Dora Chua who taught me in my poly-studies of Year 1 on social media marketing module and as well as my personal tutor (teacher-in-charge).

In order to build up more hype for this 9th issue, I decided to take this initiative by letting all the readers here to have a sneak preview of the issue. 

It is suppose to be published by tomorrow in S82-DBIT blog.

If you do not know about this blog, here is a brief description:
The blog is belong to the DBIT (Diploma of Business-IT) course manager, Mrs Kim. She wants to let all the interested readers to know the events and any in-things related to this course. Since, I am one of the authors in this blog, it is my duty to help make the blog more awareness.

Here are the links of the previous 8 issues if you haven't see them before:
Issue #001: http://goo.gl/BsT8X
Issue #002: http://goo.gl/NaoWI
Issue #003: http://goo.gl/eGkFz
Issue #004: http://goo.gl/SVEv3
Issue #005: http://goo.gl/NHoYs
Issue #006: http://goo.gl/hgQb7
Issue #007: http://goo.gl/jw1hQ
Issue #008: http://goo.gl/Yy7Oy

Anyway, enjoy the reading on this DBIT's blog entry tomorrow about this student.

Stay tune !!

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