26 Nov 2012

The Emperor's New Hairstyle

Today marked the end of my old (dark brown) hairstyle !!

I had this feeling to make a change in my color and the design of my current hair-style, so I "ordered" M to make an appointment with my hairstyle designer.

Since I am labelled as [The Legendary Emperor] in this blog, I should have a "signature" hairstyle which best uphold of this honorable blog title.

Therefore, I went to the salon today straight after school, without doing much of window-shopping today. Although I made an appointment with my hairstyle designer at 2 pm, but it was better be early than late ~ I don't know why I was so excited over a hair-cut this time !!

After 3 hours of coloring, treatment and etc to my dark-browned hair, I returned home to let M to see the result. I was mentally prepared to be scolded by her as she did not like such coloring ~ as she did mention to us to whoever colored their hair in such color, were going to answer her scissors a few years back. However, surprisingly, when I opened the door, she praised my new hairstyle and even called my designer for a job well-done. 

~ LOL ~

Here are the pictures that I took myself (9 shots):

I decided to use some of the random pictures above to replace my profile picture. Not to mention, this was also my 1st time to see M in such a good mood today. I think I'll continue to keep this kind of hairstyle till I feel bored about the color, haha !! ~

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