9 Nov 2012

[Sponsored] Domino's Pizza

This is my 1st food review that I made for Domino's Pizza.

In the previous blog entry, I wrote about how I forgot to bring my house-keys and delayed the duration of producing this blog entry.

If you've not read the last blog entry I wrote, please click here.

Anyway, when I reached the Domino's Pizza, I thought I was late (7:05 pm) ~ cos I never go to Kovan and nearly lost my way there. Luckily, I had my iPad with me and able to locate the directions easily.

When I entered into the entrance of the restaurant, I saw the place was quite "empty".

Without thinking much, I approached the counter registration and was placed to sit with a table of 8 girls. Only then I realized that there were so many female bloggers participating this event organised by omy club.

At first, I was quite nervous about it and only knew to use my iPad and created this tweet.

In a latter period near 7:30 pm, I tried to mix with one of the female blogger and made managable conversation. During the process, a male blogger appeared just in time to "unfreeze" the situation. So, we exchanged our blog URLs with each other while waiting for the event to start.

Then, the Operation Manager of Domino's Pizza of Singapore, Mr. Keith Brown introduced himself to us and gave us a brief history lesson of the restaurant and their newly-launched products.

He then took out a small bowl of their chilly sauce (secret recipe) and wanted us to try out, in case some of us cannot take the heat.

Their chilly sauce was yummy and sweet. 

I tasted the first spoon for testing and another for fun.. :-P

After the lesson conducted by Mr. Keith Brown, we stood up and going to take tons of pictures on the sampled pizzas and other displays with our camera.

~ Traditional Sambal Pizza ~

Here are the ingredients contain in this pizza:
Shredded Chicken
Fresh Onions
Red and Green Peppers 
New and Authentic Sambal Sauce 

~ Tropical Sambal Prawn Pizza ~

Here are the ingredients contain in this pizza:
Succulent Prawns marinated in herbs & spices
Fresh Onions
Juicy Pineapples
Red Pepper
New and Authentic Sambal Sauce 

~ Sambal Veggie ~

Here are the ingredients contain in this pizza:
Fresh Mushrooms
Green Peppers
Ripe Olivers
Cherry Tomatoes
New and Authentic Sambal Sauce 


~ Sambal Surf & Turf ~

Here are the ingrendients contain in this pizza:
Succulent Prawns marinated in herbs & spices
Shredded Chicken
Juicy Pineapples
Green Peppers
New and Authentic Sambal Sauce 

From all the 4 new pizzas that Domino's Pizza has launched, I had tasted all and in my personal opinion, it was the Traditional Sambal and Sambal Surf & Turf were my favorite as I like spicy food - the more spicy it is, the more tastier can it be. An info that I got from Mr. Keith Brown was that, spicy pizzas' taste will not be liked or not liked, depending on how many people like spicy foods. And since, most Singaporeans like spicy foods, that also equally means that Domino's Pizza is trying their best to suit and fit in the culture of Singaporeans' taste bud - even though they comes from USA.

Next, we got to see all the side dishes as listed below:

 Galic Cheese Onion Rings
Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Original & Tom Yam)
Golden Roasted Drummets

Here are the cakes and desserts that Domino's Pizza can offer to their pizza-lovers:

[Chocolate Lava Cake]

[Caramel Sticky Dessert]
 All the side dishes of food and desserts are contained using the display boxes pictured below.

Out of so many side-dishes and cakes, I would definitely recommend this cake instead: Chocolate Lava Cake. Becos this is the only side dish that made me think that the cake should be cold. But, when I tasted it, it was warm instead - give me a shock of temperature in different ~ haha !!

Here is the excitement and enjoyable moment that I had with the cake !!

In my personal opinion, the cake is tasted with a sense of gloomy; a heart-felt warmth and love at first sight feeling that will attract the chocolate lovers to fall in love with this cake <3

I can't really rate all the food in Domino's Pizza, according to my personal taste. Becos different people have their own unique taste buds, so it's not so easy to make a rating scale to the public since I'm not a professional food blogger. 

My personal rating to each of the pizza:

Traditional Sambal: 4 / 5
Sambal Surf & Turf: 4 / 5
Sambal Veggie: 3.5 / 5
Tropical Sambal Prawn: 3.5 / 5

My personal rating to each side dishes, cakes & desserts:

 Galic Cheese Onion Rings: 3 / 5
Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Original): 3.5 / 5
Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Tom Yam): 4 / 5
Golden Roasted Drummets: 3.5 / 5
Chocolate Lava Cake: 4.5 / 5
Caramel Sticky Dessert: 4 / 5

[PS: The above rating are go according to my own taste experience.]

After all the food-tasting session, I decided to take some pictures around the restaurant to make an effort to "decorate" this blog entry.

I took a picture with the standing post of Domino's Pizza :-)

Just in case, you can't see the QR  code below the poster - but it still looks small ~
LOL !!

I took a picture with Mr. Keith Brown !! :-D

Peace :-P

We took a group picture together with Mr. Keith Brown and the admins of omy club.

It was an enjoyable experience cos I'm able to meet all the new bloggers - even though we're all first time visiting Domino's Pizza and I had never attend such a bloggers group-kind of event organised by the company. I hope I can attend such events again by omy club in the near future.

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