14 Jan 2013

Specially for U

I went to Vivo City shopping mall today, right after my lesson. In the early morning, I have made a decision to buy what she wants.

This is the gift that I plan to give her.

This watch is priced S$364.25, including the wrapping paper. The watch is anti-scratch and the inner circle of the watch is surrounded with sapphire crystal, in which it is suitable to buy as a gift to loved ones / buy as a part of a collection.

I told the lady to help me package the watch.

I don't know what should I write in the card ...

I am keeping this gift till she is ready to meet me.


I am still considering whether or not to give this to her, despite we just merely chatted with each other online in social media sites. I am still confusing if she is the one I love or just another friend I like.  

~ Giving her the gift is equally meant to give my heart to her ~ 

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