15 Jan 2013

[Movie Review] The Impossible

On 10 Jan 2013, I won a ticket from a contest to watch a movie screening on the upcoming movie: The Impossible on 6:45 pm at Shaw Centre. At the very least, I didn't watch this movie alone. (Thanks to Diana, Luther and Val)

If you are not aware how I won this free movie ticket myself, please click here.

As for the synopsis and trailer of this movie, you can check it out from this blog post instead.

Thanks to Moovie Spy's encouragement to blog about this movie :-) !!

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* Spoiler contains *

For this blog post, I will merely talk about my movie experience that I gained from my own perceptive from the movie screening.

Firstly, the back story of this movie is quite simple. An American family went for a vacation and lived in a resort at Thailand. I came late for the movie screening for the back story. Therefore, what I described here was quite brief.. I came at the scene only when the tsunami was strike ~ LOL ~ !!

Secondly, the visual effects of this movie was stunning and you might not want to brink an eye for a second. Some of the make-up on most injuries was gross and bloody (almost look like real, cos I heard sigh and crying sound from where I sat.) For example, the mother of the family revealed half of her right boob after been hit by a sharp tree branch, during the washing waves of the tsunami. Her right knee was exposed and bloody gross scene was enough to make you want to pity the mother.

Thirdly, the story-line was based on a real person's life experience, therefore, the director of the movie was difficult to narrate the story to be more stretchy and interesting. Although the movie did try to add the elements of human minds when facing dangers and crisis, it did not expose more in-depth about the dark side of it. Moreover, the ending was ended quite simple and easy to understand (a very touching moment).

Overall, I think the movie is great and it's worth watching. You might think this is just a normal family movie, but think again about what the director is trying to send us a message through this movie. 

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