10 Jan 2013

A Free Movie Ticket

As you all know, I won a pair of movie ticket from Cathay Cineplex back in 14 September 2012. If you've not read that blog post, please click here.

This was my 2nd time to have won myself a free movie ticket. However, it was Diana Raymond did this giveaway. If you are a new reader who did not know about her, read this post instead.

How I get my FREE movie ticket?

I saw Diana's post from her Facebook this morning. So, I followed her rules and conditions by sharing her post to my Facebook wall and tag her with my message. This was to test my luck and about a few hours later, she whatsapped me for RSVP ~_~

Details about this movie are from her blog !! You can check it out, by clicking here.

Currently, I am looking for someone to watch the movie with the 3 of us (I, Diana and Diana's husband: Luther). It's not easy to look for a companion in this very last minute and I hope we can find one later this evening. 

This is because I hate the feeling of watching the movie alone !!

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