25 Jan 2013

[EMO] Emperor's indecisiveness

Indecisiveness really cause me a pain in my ass. Not only that, it leads me to hurt innocent people and waste everyone's time. 

However, whenever I promise to someone - I want to deliver it ~ even if I'm going to do this alone, I also want him/her not to be let down by me. 

"A respect to someone as well as to myself" 

However, in just 11 hours time, it will be my lifetime decision to make it real. Either way, I will still hurt one group or another. I don't know if my decision is right or not ~ cos I'm not fortune-teller to predict the future to say which group can lead me to safety in the end.

I am forced to face multiple circumstances and prepared some conditions if the problems are not go according to my plan / direction. It's not that I don't trust people, just that I don't know him/her well. Even if he/she is my talking buddy, I also can't get myself to trust them as well.

"Believe in yourself, then others will believe you too" 

I think I don't have that kind of self-confidence to deliver the thing that i promise to say and I don't want to make so many enemies in this strange environment. 

"More friends the better, they say. But how true it is, nobody knows.."

For those who not know me well, I will try this kind of emotional post to calm myself out from the current situation that I'm facing right now.

Although this problem that revokes around life-making decisions and social network, who don't want a safe to protect them in this competitive environment, especially Singapore. It's not that I hate the life, it will merely meant on how I can fasten my pace to keep up, so as not to slow everyone down.

BUT, no one is perfect.. Even if you can accept his / her weaknesses to move on, something will never change ~ not until you're able to make a change yourself or they have get used to it already.

In conclusion, I will try to use these offers to get him. 
If not, I will have to go according to my targeted plan. :-<

PS: this is my 1st time to write this EMO post and I hope this is my last time to write it out ~ cos hate the negative feeling while writing.

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