10 Jan 2013

A Letter to Future Love

As the title suggests, this is my reply to answer a letter from a past blog post, posted by another blogger [becos of some personal reasons, she refused to reveal her real name or her blog link].

PS: no pictures or videos in this blog post
~ LOL ~

The original letter did not have the highlighted sentences, I edited the version of the letter becos of some grammar errors and sentence structure when I was reading from the word document.

This is the letter that I came across from a blog another day:

Dear love, 

I'm writing this letter to tell you what happened to me in the past and what I hope in the future from you. I have two ex boyfriends. Both of them have left a deep impression in my heart. Be it together with them for a month plus or 6 years plus. I'm still thankful for they once appeared in my heart.

Let's talk about the things I've done in the past 6 years for my ex. I must say I'm not trying to claim credit. In the past 6 years, we have quarrels, arguments and fights. I hoped that the fights did bring us closer and not drift us apart. But anyway, we did have many differences that we couldn't tolerate each other. 

And perhaps I wasn't the best girlfriend candidate for him. Perhaps I just wasn't good enough for him. But we passed thru those 6 years. It was not easy. I believe we did put in our best effort to make this relationship work. But fate wasn't on our side. Perhaps we weren't the Mr Right or Ms Right for each other. Perhaps we got together too quickly. Perhaps we should have ended the relationship earlier for him or me so that we could have the chance to find a better partner that could accompany us for the rest of our life. Perhaps we shouldn't have dragged till the 6th year then broke off. 

Now to the topic, dear love, I hope we will go thru what a normal couple will go through.
We should have started from friends to best friends; then to lover and confidante; and lastly to husband n wife. I hope you will be someone who is romantic but yet realistic at the same time, as well as funny and yet serious at the right time. I want you to be someone who is sensitive to little things. For example: When I'm cold, you will automatically hug me or hold my hands to give me warmth. When I'm sad or don't feel like talking, you will give me a hug to tell me that everything is going to be alright. Other than the above, I want to be there for you too. You can share with me your happiness and sadness. I might not be able to solve them with you. But I can be a good listening ear. When we quarrel, I hope no matter how angry you are, you will NEVER EVER let go of me. I want you to always remember this quote "Being the first to apologize does not mean you are wrong, it simply means you are more concerned with this relationship than your ego."

Dear love, I'm simply looking for someone who can be there for me just like how I will be there for him. I don't need you to be as handsome as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, or as rich as Bill Gates. I just want you to love me with all your heart,
by working hard enough to give me a better life and a better future for the both of us. In addition, I would want a home, which belongs only to the both of us. I might not be a good girlfriend but I will try my best to be someone who's worthy of your love.

And I hope you will try your best to give me a call or a sms every day.
Even if it's a short one or just 5 minutes talk, I don't mind. Because at the very least, you still remember me. And I know I'm in your heart. If time permits, I hope you are the one who initiate to talk/sms me, because I fear to become a nuisance to you. At times I hope we can share an umbrella under the rain, take long walks along the beach, watch DVDs together or simply cuddling each other on bed and listening to each other’s heart beats. I want you to be able to remember our anniversaries, such as buying small gifts for me on some special occasions. For example:  Exchanging gifts. Even if there isn't any presents, I would be happy if you spend time making one. Be it a small card or a handmade rose. 

If there's a chance we could be with each other till the marriage path, I promise I'll learn to cook and do house chores. I promise I will provide you with a cosy and neat love nest just for the both of us and our future kids. I promise I will try to learn massage and massage for you every night you come home with a tired body. I will take good care of our kids. I will try my best to be a good daughter-in-law. I will not shout or quarrel with our parents.

Dear love, after reading this letter, will you still
want to be with me?

Your future love 

This is the replied letter that I wrote last night.

Dear future love <3, 
Thanks for your effort for writing such as a lovely letter to me. I was touched by all your wishes after reading your past letter. Therefore, I intend to reply to you.

Yes, you’re right. We should have start from stage to stage if you have not known me well. However, if you want to speed up the process, should I agree with you or stick back to the old rule? When it comes to relationship, I am totally very serious about it. However, I might reply you late as I intend to reduce less errors and mistake in our relationship and to avoid big quarrels and misunderstandings – which lead to future unseen accidents. Likewise, the conditions that you mention are part of what we (men) must do for women. It is a basic courtesy and respect, so I can accept them no matter how busy and stressful I become (in work or in family).

Indeed, I am neither handsome nor with big muscle from other guys or celebrities. As for financial status in my opinion, it will be just okay or normal/average if you’re okay with the status I am in. I started blogging last year and recently became a full-time blogger this January. By the way, I have 1 year left to complete my diploma in business-IT. For a home, I am unable to give you currently because I need to take good care of my parents – unless you do not mind living with them.

If I ever meet you in real life and revealed to you my love, I will set a daily goal in my checklist. A goal that I set is to drive you happy, active or laugh while you are in work or in studying. For example: jokes, funny pictures or stupid video and etc.

I do not mind you keep on message me / call me. As such, this means that you care about me. I will take note on all those moments and captured them as pictures and videos into my blog, so that we can recall them when we are old. I am able to make all kinds of Do it Yourself (DIY) stuff, such as origami and rose ice-cream. If some stuff that you are going to mention in your next letter that I do not know how to do, I will try to learn and do it for you because I willingly to spend the time to make you feel the happiness.

If we get into marriage by any chance, I will not let you do housework alone. Even if I was extremely tired from work, I will still help you to do some housework and going out.

Dear future love, after reading my expectation and my current status, do you think we can be together?

Your love :-)

Believe or not whether the both letters are true or not, I don't care. Cos it's the actions that can make the words come true and only time will foretell the things I and her promise.

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