3 May 2013

Dinner at Ministry of Food

We were celebrated Richmond's birthday at Ministry of Food, Lot 1 Shopping Mall last night, alongside with his going-to-be girlfriend, Michelle.

We had the birthday cake in Singapore Poly during lunch time ~ consider this dinner was my birthday gift to him, since I didn't know what to buy for him. :-D

My set meal

My favorite side-dish: chawanmushi 

Richmond's Ramen

Michelle's set meal

As for the dessert, we ordered Icy waterfall as it contained 8 different flavors of scoop. I liked the taste of 5 flavors: chocolate, black sesame, strawberry, green tea and vanilla.

Also, you can just mix and match between each scoop to get a different sensation of tasting experience throughout the whole session. It is strongly recommended if you ever want to try the desserts at the Ministry of Food :-)

Last but not least, a close up photo of the couple !!

Michelle & Richmond
 Wish them to have an enjoyable night yesterday and as well as getting their relationship to a "confirm" status, ~ LOL ~ :-)

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