27 Apr 2013

[Aftermath] Kiyomi = Gwiyomi

If you've read my previous post on Kiyomi = Gwiyomi a few weeks ago, you should roughly know the reasons behind it when I'm going to write this post.

As long as people type "Singapore Gwiyomi" in the YouTube search, you'll be able to see my video in the 1st position of the search list. Because it goes so much viral, YouTube has declared my video as the official one :-D 

Furthermore, my video has also been listed as the music in the main category of YouTube. :-)

As the saying goes: "Advertising is based on one thing - happiness. You have to make your client happy." Therefore, I came out this video to these new groups of subscribers and people who have liked my current-trending video ~ another sensation :-)

Hope that this video can help to bring a new trend in this month of May !!

~ LOL ~

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