17 May 2013

Get myself DRUNK at Holland Village

Just like the title said it itself, I was somehow "accidentally" got myself drunk after many years for not taking any alcoholic drinks, except for some special occasions like celebrating and etc.

Here is the story - quite a small one actually of how I got myself drunk :-P

Storytelling session

Richmond invited me to go for a dinner at Holland Village because I waited him to discuss on a project and helped him to take care of Michelle (his unofficial girlfriend). This was to celebrate for the 1st successful matching and fee collection from his start-up company, Buddy Tutor.

We went into this restaurant, which Richmond worked as part-time before. I ordered a set meal (salmon) and a glass of white wine. Richmond and Michelle ordered a plate of pizza and a drink of soda with ice-cream (I think). We ordered ice-cream cakes as the desserts.

Richmond & Michelle shared this drink together

Michelle wanted both dishes to be taken together

My set meal (dinner)

Above - it's mine
Below - Richmond and Michelle

The menu named this as "cookie monster"

After the dinner, my glass of white wine still had around 8% of it. So, I forced myself to take 3% more to be left till the half glass. Thus, I told them that I cannot continue - because I know that if I continue to drink the rest of it, my skin problem would most likely "explode". 

Instead of letting it go to waste, Michelle picked up my glass and drank a mouthful of portion (around 3 to 4%). She told me that she's feeling cold to be sitting under the air-con, plus Richmond kept on telling her that the wine can keep warmth to oneself. 

~ LOL ~

On our way home in MRT, Michelle reminded me of my blushing-red face and I kept on telling them that #IamNotDrunk. But, the most amazing part of this story was that Michelle was the one who insisted that she's not drunk, despite that her arms and legs were covered  in "red". Her drunk status was more "funnier" than I was in. For instance, she would use Richmond as a punching bag and etc. 

[Not approiate to list her drunk behavior]

Anyway, that was an enjoyable night and the most fun with them had yet to come !! :-)

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