26 May 2013

Office bullying in Singapore

Normally, I will not blog about such stuff that I got from Facebook. However, recently, this video somehow stirs everyone in Singapore to be fed up about this incident.

As you can see in the video below, the supervisor with the spectacle kept on hitting and slapping the person on the chair. However, the young man kept on staring at him and tried to reason his way out after being hit by the old man so many times.

Let's assume the young man is your closed ones or worst still your son, being bullied by an outsider for not giving him any chance to speak out, is totally unforgiving in a lawful country.

On May 18, this video was shared across Facebook with 2,685 shares and 660 likes by SMRT Ltd (Feedback) and followed in which an article was published onto the newspaper the next day as shown below.

Newspaper article uploaded by EDMW loves Singapore

Last but not least, a comic art to "discourage" office bullying in Singapore !!

Uploaded by 9GAG Singapore

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