1 Apr 2013

Noelle Mikazuki at CNOS 2.0 Finals

CNOS 2 = Cineleisure Next Online Sentational Version 2.0

I went to this event because Ms Noelle has been my idol since the end of 2011 when she was in the Kira Candy Girls Group. She is the only Cosplay girl that I admire the most out of the 11 girls. After that, she "graduated" and left the group, and is now working as one of the Cosplay maids in meido cafe (latest info ~ if not wrong). 

[Cos I heard that she wants to start a small business, alongside with a group of friends]


Not confirm yet !!

Besides her overall appearances, she is actually a very nice and friendly girl who takes singing as her passion. This time round, Ms Noelle suffered a sore throat ~ which kinda delayed her usual performance (because she sometimes will release some album covers to her YouTube channel).

Due to my shyness and indecisiveness, it took me a lot of time just to capture this picture #EpicFail :-O But, nonetheless, I'm still managing to take 1 picture with her using her mobile phone.

Maybe I have not blogged for quite a while and I almost lost the sense of that feeling to approach with new people and taking pictures ~ cos I'm more towards in gaming and video-recording nowadays..

Here is her performance on stage that I have recorded !!

Her "powerful" singing almost shakes the whole stage when she was singing the chorus part, because I could feel the electricity through all the audience while I was recording it !! :-O


In addition, I also went on to record Ziwei Sandy and his partner Clinton as well (the urge of video-recording told me that I need to record this part - in which I don't know why)

I separated the whole process of CNOS 2 into 2 parts:

~Judges Intro; Runway walk (catwalk); Peishi's interview ~

~ Prizes Giveaway to the winners ~

Here are some blog links that I have located:

Maybe you'll be able to know more details about this event through the links that I have searched so far !! They are also the participants for the event as well. As for me, I'm just a follower of some of their blogs. So, don't blame for don't know of anything about this event :-)


Though writing this post kinda reluctant since there are many bloggers out there would have used some of my videos for their daily / weekly posts. And some of my blogger friends will be thinking why I'm writing it. This is because even though they can write how well the event is and helped me to share my videos out. They are unable to write down how I felt as a cameraman and as part of the audience.

Although playing a role as an audience / fans are quite small, but it is the audience and the people who came down to watch that really makes a difference in the overall performance a success. Only through the perception of the audience and because I was once an active blogger, I'm able to deliver the feelings of sweat and tears of every blogger who have participated and put on such efforts for the event.

Last but not least, I hereby congrats all the bloggers to have won themselves a big prize in the end. The prize doesn't mean you must win to get it.. it also means the experience and lesson learnt  that they absorb in the end !! :-)

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