15 Apr 2013

Acoustic Performance Masterclass

This Masterclass was conducted by Hark Music's Director, Mr. Amos Teo
~ Featuring the Hark Performing Team (HPT) ~

Date: 12 April 2013 (Fri)
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
Venue: Hark Music Performing Studio

Enjoy a highly enriching & entertaining evening with live acoustic sets performing hit songs like <If I ain’t got you, 他说, 我的歌声里, 我怀念的>. Plus, get valuable learning from Amos and witness how the performers improve on-the-spot.

Vocalist: Stacey, Zhi Yun, Zi Wei, Joyce, Wendy, Brenda
Guitarist: Jiunn Jye, Weiqi
Pianist: Cat, Li Xuan, Sherrie, Joel

(Information quoted from one of the posts on Hark Music Facebook Page)

I was one of the 10 winners to gain exclusive admission to this event. Because I want to see Ziwei aka Sandy in person and get to know her real voice. And luckily enough, I managed to take this picture with her. It was an enjoyable night !! :-)

One of my favorite blogger "idol" that I like: Sandy !!

Taken from Ziwei aka Sandy's Facebook
 The objective is to make everyone feel captivated in the space of music. To achieve that, the performers have to be technically sound and authentic in expressing the music in them.

In this Masterclass conducted by Mr. Amos Teo, the HPT managed to transform instantly, breaking the barrier to present their very best.This interactive session also gave the audience a chance to give their honest feedback which also helped the performers in their growth.

(Information quoted from one of the posts in Hark Music Facebook Page)

When I was asked by the Hark Music director about her singing skills, I answered truthfully (don't know whether it's good / bad). She almost stunned and fainted...

~ LOL ~

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