25 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas

It's been a long time since I updated this blog.

So, I wrote this blog update of what's going to come in this week's blog entries.

Here's a Christmas collage to be dedicated for this year's Christmas :)

For more details on how I designed this picture, please click the link here.

Initially, I want to create a new collage for this year's Christmas ~ but somehow, I didn't work on it. The reason for why I re-used the collage last year is because I didn't blog about it and I think it's okay to use this collage for this year's Christmas.

Here are some pictures that I collected so far:

Anyway, if I have enough time to make a collage for the Christmas for next year, it might be more fun to watch when I completed it ~ maybe :-P

[One of the goal that I set for 2013: to create a collage for the Christmas of 2013]

Upcoming blog entries (publishing are not in order)

2D1N Awana Genting Trip by Nuffnang
Countdown of 2013
and many other small posts (depending on my mood)




PS: wish all my readers out there ~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~

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