31 Dec 2012

~ Goodbye 2012 ~

We all have plans about the life we want to live. Having plans is good. Having ONLY plans doesn't get you very far. Wherever you may be, whatever you might be doing, make the best of it, keeping in mind that it'll only push you closer to your dream. A victory however small, is still a victory. Fight for that passion, fight for your future self. And as you get closer to fulfilling goals, just remember to keep your feet on the ground. 

2012 has been the year I have re-affirmed my calling. There's not been a day that I have not dreamt about it. Each success of 2012 has brought, has reminded me how strong my passion is and also the journey that lays ahead of me. Each obstacle has reminded me to be aware of untrained skills and of what I'm yet to learn. 

2013 is the year that will set a whole new momentum to many lives, including mine. Before entering the road to my future. Still have exams, presentations, projects to come and there'll be more. But a friend of mine told me that no matter how heavy the workload gets, if you feel passion for what you do, nothing will stop you from completing it. 

And it is true. I have felt it. I have whined and complained and almost given up. But something has always made me feel good about the pieces of work I do. And I have already been informed that it's a long way ahead. But I have always known that, and I'm prepared. I will see myself on the other side of my dream, when it becomes my reality. And I hope that you see yourself there too.

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