28 Dec 2012

Good Morning

~ 3 days after Merry Christmas ~




This is my 1st time to create a blog post so early.

Well, there are not much things to be written in this entry - purely writing this post to hype up my blog's activeness.

~ LOL ~

Anyway, here is my Breakfast of the Day ! !

Not only that, I had wrote a letter of recommendation and sent to a blogger whose name is Noelle Mikazuki. She is graduated from Kira Candy Girls Group of Singapore. You can see her from 1 of the blog post that I wrote a few weeks ago: EOY Cosplay Festival. Currently, she and her friends are looking for web designers to re-vamp their websites for low rate or been sponsored. 

Despite I have a huge network of IT friends, I also need to take 2 weeks to find some of them who are willingly to charge less. But, however, none of them want to do it for free / be a sponsor ~.~ Therefore, I volunteer myself as I was also freelance web designer.

If you know about web design and do not mind to sponsor Noelle's website, please kindly email me at kelvintanyongrui@gmail.com .

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