11 Jan 2012

FF 13-2 Review

Final Fantasy XIII-2's box art features the indomitable Lightning, looking strong and feminine in her tough-as-nails armor and flowing skirt of feathers. You remember Lightning, of course: she spent the majority of Final Fantasy XIII trying to release her sister Serah from a crystalline prison. 

Don't let that gorgeous portrait of the daunting heroine fool you, however. She has a part to play in this direct sequel, but it's Serah's turn in the spotlight now. Serah's not the powerhouse personality her sister is, but that doesn't keep Final Fantasy XIII-2 from delivering a satisfying mix of poignant storytelling and exciting action.

  • Monster collection is fun and addictive 
  • Multiple heartfelt moments combine story and gameplay in effective ways 
  • Caius is a fantastic villain 
  • Impressive, varied visual design.
  • The best characters were sidelined in favor of less interesting ones 
  • Multiple sequences bog down the pace 
  • Main story is relatively easy and short.

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